Whitsundays Named World's Second Most Instagrammable Destination

28th September 2016

Hill Inlet

The UK edition of famous fashion magazine Cosmopolitan has named Australia's Whitsundays the world's second most Instagrammable holiday destination. Falling just behind Mykonos in Greece, the magazine published an online article that listed the world's most Instagrammable destinations in which the Whitsundays was showcased at number 2.

Featuring images posted on Instagram, the article highlighted Whitsunday icons such as Hill's Inlet and Whitehaven Beach - a spectacular stretch of pristine white sand and iconic landmark of the Whitsundays. The image perfectly captured the brilliant white sand and sparkling clear blue waters of this famous beach.

Having recently implemented marketing campaigns both domestically and overseas, Tourism Whitsundays said the article was a clear example of the growing interest in the Whitsundays from the international market. With many unique experiences and natural attractions offered across the Whitsundays group, it's no surprise that this tropical island destination is considered one of the world's top holiday destinations.

There are plenty of postcard perfect photo opportunities across the 74 islands however scenic flights are one of the top attractions that offer that picture perfect moment for Instagram. Sure to make your friends and followers jealous, these scenic flights enjoy a birds eye view of the stunning azure waters and unique island formations, including the world famous Heart Reef, aptly named for its appearance in the shape of a heart. Even Oprah snapped a shot in her 2015 visit.

According to the 2016 International Visitor Survey conducted by Tourism Research Australia, the Whitsundays attracts over 220,000 international visitors. While the peak tourism body employs a variety of marketing mediums both here and overseas, digital marketing is gaining traction as a way to make the international market more aware of the beauty the Whitsundays has to offer.

Tourism Whitsundays CEO Craig Turner is pleased to see the Whitsundays being recognised on the world stage. "Digital marketing is just one of the mediums we use , so we're thrilled to see the Whitsundays recognised as the second most instagrammable destination in the world," he said.

Couple at Whitehaven Beach