Out On The Water It’s A Small World After All

1st November 2017

British Defender

There’s no need to think big when heading out for a holiday on the waters of the Whitsundays. Despite the vastness of the calm waters, Whitsunday bareboat charters prove that it really is a small world after all. With no prior experience you can set sail on a yacht from Queensland’s Hamilton Island Marina and skipper yourself around the stunning islands of the Whitsundays.

There’s no need to be nervous, you’ll have an afternoon to learn the ropes from an expert with plenty of time to answer any burning questions you may have. Your vessel will come complete with charts, maps and the strict instruction that you must check in by radio twice daily. That really is all you need to set off on your own sailing adventure, with leisurely days filled with sparkling turquoise water and richly forested islands on the horizon.

Throw down the anchor and dive straight off the boat to swim with turtles or power up your dinghy and zip across to Hook Island to visit the Ngaro Aboriginal cultural site an see the rock wall paintings. Kick back on the deck with a cold drink and work on your tan or gaze into the clear blue waters and spot the curious local residents who dwell below. Sail around for as many days as you wish before your legs need a break on land.

By the time you disembark in Airlie Beach, you’ll be ready to chart your voyage for next year. Whitsunday Rent a Yacht offers a fantastic range of sailing yachts, motor cruisers and sailing catamarans complete with all the necessary comforts including extra large cabins, stacks of informal relaxing areas, big shower areas, large refrigerators and ample water capacity. Basically, everything you need to have a good time.

It’s amazing the perspective you can gain from being out on the water. Suddenly, none of your problems seem so big, nothing seems so important and the world seems small after all.