You Can Buy Your Own Whitsunday Island

12th July 2017

Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet 3

You can now buy your own tropical island in the Whitsundays. Well, that is if you have a spare $495,000 just lying around. Still, for those living in major cities that’s not much more than the cost of a small 2 bedroom apartment. Sydneysiders, Melbournians and Brisbanites we’re looking at you. Let’s face it, $495K for a whole island is a bargain, especially when you consider that it was originally priced to sell at $850,000. According to the agent tasked with selling the island, the price has been slashed for a ‘quick sale’.

You wouldn’t think you’d find a Whitsunday island is in the ‘clearance bin’ but according to the listing, the previous owner created their own ‘magic’ on the island and is now ready for someone else to take things to the next level. Located 5km off the mainland and just 1km south of Great Keppel Island, Wedge Island covers 23 acres and was once a ‘party island for a group of single guys’.

According to the agent, the island was used for fishing, golf and partying in a kind of over-the-top bachelor pad for a group of young guys that have now grown up and settled down with partners and are looking to move on.

When you consider that the median house price in Sydney is now $1.15 million, $840,000 in Melbourne and $655,000 in Brisbane, you could be living it up on your own private island in the Whitsundays for much less.

Even if you can’t quite afford to buy your own island (even if it is a steal) you can still enjoy the tropical lifestyle with a Whitsundays holiday. For a fraction of the price you can spend a week or two swanning around an apartment like you own the place. Even if you don’t, you can still live the fantasy of a wealthy island owner – just without the stacks of money or entourage.